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· By Jadyn Holmgren

Face Masks: Shop or DIY!

2020 Necessity: Face Masks We are in a new era with new messaging, wash your hands, social distance, stay home, don’t touch your face, clean surfaces regularly, and wear a face mask. Although not a typical part of our culture in the United States, wearing a face mask sounds like it will become the norm in public places, at least for the near future. If you're on the fence about facemarks or looking for more information about the logistics surrounding use check out this article. We’re here to help you keep yourself and your family safe. We have compiled resources...

· By Jadyn Holmgren

Have you heard of the Valley Made Market?

The Valley Made Market  Some of you may be familiar with the Valley Made Market, a small maker's market featuring the raddest makers from Skagit Valley, Washington (and the surrounding areas). Maybe you were able to stop by some of the monthly events over the past few years, or perhaps you follow the market online. One thing is certain: This market is special. The Valley Made Market began by accident. elSage Designs owners Phoebe and Jonathan hosted a block party for their brick and mortar’s one year anniversary. The party featured some friends who also made things, and they had live...

· By Phoebe Carpenter Eells

Small Business Life; Online Shop Platforms Compared

As we keep our one sales channel going during this unexpected time in retail I’m reminded of the days starting out in online sales and how daunting it was. Beginning in 2010 with an entirely online business meant that I was, #1 learning as technology was being developed (Etsy and Instagram were brand new and online shopping was in the baby phase), and 2 I had to figure out how to get people to both discover elSage and decide to purchase something (without ever meeting them in person). This weird turn of events with Covid-19 has me digging back into...

· By Jadyn Holmgren

Family Art Show

Family Art Show After being stuck in the house for days, are you running out of ideas to keep the family busy? We are here with a fun activity that will soon have the whole house getting creative!  Getting Started You get to be resourceful with what you have since there is no running out for supplies. Luckily, most people will have some form of art supplies tucked away in a cupboard or a drawer. Cereal boxes, wrapping paper, and paper sacks all work well as a canvas. Wood and fabric can be used as well. Step 1: Start by setting an Art...

· By Phoebe Carpenter Eells

Resources for Small Businesses & Artists During COVID-19

Resources for financial assistance & security amid the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.

· By elSage HQ

Summer elSage Studio Sale

Mark your calendar for another great elSage Studio Sale. Help us clear out the studio and grab great deals. Our much sought after $5 and $10 bins will be stocked, plus we'll have heaps of other one of a kind and last chance items at great prices.Friday August 25 & 26 10am-5pm RSVP here