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Perfume Rollers by Particle Goods

Product image 1Perfume Rollers by Particle Goods
Product image 2Perfume Rollers by Particle Goods
Product image 3Perfume Rollers by Particle Goods
Product image 4Perfume Rollers by Particle Goods
Product image 5Perfume Rollers by Particle Goods
Product image 6Perfume Rollers by Particle Goods
Product image 7Perfume Rollers by Particle Goods

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The freshest ethically & sustainably made roll-on perfumes for every day wear! Hand formulated in Seattle, Washington. 

These lightweight perfume rollers are perfect for when you're on the go. Made of pure Jojoba and Safflower oil, they are quick-drying and don't leave a greasy feel. All perfumes are phthalate and nut oil free making them safe for skin and clothing!

15 ml stainless steel perfume rollers


Mesa- Soft and refreshing. Sea salt, marine accord, ozone, lotus flower, grapefruit, pink peppercorn.

Moon- Moon is clean and fresh with tobacco, bay leaf, rosewood and a hint of vetiver. The blend of woody and bright notes make it a great unisex scent for all year round.

Nova- A sensual blend of bergamot, fig, bay leaves, black tea, cedarwood and vetiver. This fragrance is a sudden increase in brightness, like a flash of light that slowly fades to a subtle and lingering musk. A unisex scent you'll want to fight over.

Salt- Delicate, salty and floral.  This scent is effervescent and sensual, like a breeze skimming the ocean's surface. A go-to fragrance for everyday wear. Sea salt, grapefruit, marine accord, lotus, ozone, pink pepper. 

Tide- Feels like you're strolling through your favorite bookstore. Santalum, cardamom, leather, orris. 

Valley- Reminiscent of a sunny summer day with a light breeze. Yuzu citrus, wild poppy, sunrise, lemon zest, mangosteen, superbloom. 

About Particle Goods
Particle Goods is an exploration of natural formations and phenomenon. They believe in fostering a deeper connection to the natural world and to themselves through well-formulated aroma products. They use pure renewable soy wax and a mix of essential oils and perfume oils. They are ethically sourced and produced in Seattle, Washington.  A portion of each sale goes to charitable organizations within the local community that empower social and economic well being/equality and environmental sustainability. 

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