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Oregon & Washington's Roadside Ecology by Roddy Scheer

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Discover Natural History Secrets Hiding in Plain Sight
Have you ever seen a raging river disappear completely into a lava tube? Petrified subtropical plantsi n the middle of a high desert? Do you know how a 10,000-year-old argillite boulder can wind up 800 miles away from any similar rocks? In this insightful guide, environmental journalist and photographer Roddy Scheer reveals the hidden stories of the Pacific Northwest’s unique ecosystems and teaches you how to “read a landscape,” as you explore 33 spectacular natural areas. All hikes are within easy walking distance of the road, less than 2 miles long, and include clues to deciphering the terrain—making Oregon and Washington’s Roadside Ecology a must-have guide to some of the area’s most spectacular and unusual natural sights.

About the Authors

Roddy Scheer is a journalist and photographer specializing in environmental issues, the outdoors and travel.  When he is not out in the field taking pictures, Roddy runs EarthTalk, the non-profit publisher of the syndicated EarthTalk Q&A column and the and websites. The organization’s weekly environmental Q&A’s reach some 6 million readers via a syndication network numbering more than 600 media outlets across the U.S. and Canada.

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