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SRSLY Chocolate Bars

Product image 1SRSLY Chocolate Bars
Product image 2SRSLY Chocolate Bars
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The yummiest chocolate made with the best ingredients in Austin, TX. Choose between orange, sea salt + almond, or milk chocolate. 

Coconut Milk- Fudgey, velvety, creamy coconutty goodness. Each batch of coconut milk chocolate is ground on a stone mill for two whole days, so the flavors of coconut and chocolate have ample time to marry and create this beautiful bar. Ingredients - cacao, coconut, cane sugar organic.

Dominican Republic 70%- These beans from the Oko-Caribe cooperative from the Dominican Republic are fruity and bold; bar features notes of tamarind and stone fruit. Ingredients - cacao, cane sugar organic.

Oaxacan Espresso- This classic 70% bar features organic Mexican chipotle pepper and organic coffee. Smoke and fruit dominate the beginning. There's a warm, complex coffee and chocolate middle note that gives way to a spicy finish. Ingredients - cacao, cane sugar, coffee, chipotle pepper.

Orange Made with single-origin 57% Dark Milk chocolate and infused with orange.

Sea Salt + Almond The contrast of sweet and salty makes this chocolate bar irresistible. Organic California almonds and sea salt accentuate the dark fruit forward complexity of our stone ground 70% dark chocolate. Ingredients - cacao, cane sugar, almonds, salt organic.

30% Milk Chocolate Re-imagine what a milk chocolate bar can be with one that is bold and rich yet creamy and smooth. We love the bold fruit and rich roasted nutty notes. Ingredients - cacao, cane sugar, milk powder, cacao butter organic.

About the makers

Owners Bob Williamson and Robin Simoneaux-Williamson have been making chocolate from scratch using fine flavor organic cacao for over seven years. Their DIY ethos extends to every step of the chocolate making process. From winnowing in a hand built machine to hand cutting each label in a die roller, every aspect of the SRSLY chocolate is a reflection of that commitment. Made in Austin, TX.

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