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The Great Cosmic Mother by Monica Sjöö and Barbara Mor

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The Great Cosmic Mother: Rediscovering the Religion of the Earth

This classic exploration of the Goddess through time and throughout the world draws on religious, cultural, and archaeological sources to recreate the Goddess religion that is humanity’s heritage. Now, with a new introduction and full-color artwork, this passionate and important text shows even more clearly that the religion of the Goddess--which is tied to the cycles of women’s bodies, the seasons, the phases of the moon, and the fertility of the earth--was the original religion of all humanity..

Paperback | 528 pages | Folklore & Mythology, Women's Studies

About the Authors

Monica Sjöö was a Swedish painter, writer, and radical anarcho/eco-feminist who was an early exponent of the Goddess Movement. Her most famous painting is the controversial God Giving Birth (1968), which depicts a non-white woman giving birth; it was censored multiple times and at one art show, Sjöö was reported to the police for blasphemy. Forty-four of her own works illustrate this volume of The Great Cosmic Mother

Barbara Mor was an American poet, editor, and Feminist of the twentieth-century Goddess Movement. She became most widely known for The Great Cosmic Mother. She was published by the Athena Press, WomanSpirit, Second Porcupine Press, Harper & Row, and The Oliver Arts & Open Press. Her poetry was included in Fired Up with You : Poems of a Niagara Vision, edited by the poet Will inman. 

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