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Women's Good Feminist/Bad Bitch crewneck French terry boatneck sweatshirt in grey

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Bitch has traditionally been a derogatory term for women who don't act the way society wants us to. It has been always-negative and extremely gendered.

Bad Bitch reclaims the term, it takes ownership over the fact that we often don't keep our opinion to ourselves (even if certain men think we would be prettier if we did so). A Bad Bitch is a strong woman who doesn't allow the patriarchy to tear her down or push her around.

One for all of our good feminist friends who also have a sassy side.

Product Details

A feminine cut French terry boatneck sweatshirt in classic grey.

· Made in USA 

· cotton/polyester blend
· Low-impact yarn dyed and fabric washed
· Women's regular fit
· Wash cold, tumble low

Sizing and Fit

Women's fit: These run true to size

Please note: Due to the hand printing process, each garment has subtle differences.

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